Soundproof Windows To Keep The Outside Noise Away

Outdoor noise is one thing that could become a big disruption in your life. The market, school, and busy streets are noisy areas, so living near them is really challenging and stressful. Disturbing sound outdoors can affect your sleep, health, concentration, and mood. So, what could be done if the outdoor noise cannot be eliminated? Well, installing soundproof windows is a good idea.


What are Noise-Reducing Windows?

Outdoor noise can’t be blocked by any residential or commercial windows. However, the noise can be minimized through soundproofing. Sound-insulated windows are designed to lessen the loudness of outdoor sounds that may come inside your home. They are great sound barriers that will dispense most noise problems. Studies have shown that many soundproof window units today can lessen noise levels from 75 percent to 90 percent.

Noise can be classified into two, and these are the sounds with stumpy frequencies and sounds with higher frequencies. Sounds that have low frequencies are more difficult to block than those with higher frequencies. You must consider the kind of outdoor sounds you’ve been dealing with when looking for best sound-insulated windows.

Getting the best noise-reducing windows is important to achieve the best soundproofing effect. Luckily, it’s now easier to shop for sound-insulated windows. The acoustic industry rates the windows’ sound-insulating quality on the STC scale. The higher the STC rate, the better the windows are in terms of soundproofing.

The standard STC rating for single-pane windows is 17, while it’s 28 for dual pane windows. However, the usual STC rating for sound-insulated windows is 45. Those windows with the STC rating of 55 can block the outdoor noise for up to 95%. Keep in mind that STC rating is a major factor to consider when you want to soundproof your single-pane windows.

How Do Soundproof Windows Block Sounds?

The disturbing outdoor noise is lessened when you form a barrier between the noise and your ears. This barrier captures the sound waves, so you’ll hear fewer bothering sounds. Your house can be made resistant to noise outdoors through making the roof, walls, and windows insulated. To boost the windows’ sound blocking capacity, manufacturers should consider:

  • Adding mass by making the glass thicker
  • Adding airspace through increasing the distance between the two window panes
  • Using laminated glass for improved noise spread reduction effect

Air is effective not only in insulation, but it could also block out the outdoor noise. Sound-insulated windows add extra panes of glass to your old windows. These extra glass sheets are crafted using a special type of glass with amazing soundproofing capacity. These panes of glass were laminated to make a noise-reducing air pocket. The laminated glass is produced by adding a translucent plastic membrane between the plate glass sheets. This thick plastic-coated glass is mounted around 3 to 6 inches from your old windows.

Do Noise-Reducing Windows Swap Existing Windows?

Sound-insulated windows are not designed to replace old windows. Instead, they add another sheet of glass to make your entire home soundproof. To install them, let the noise-reducing windows mount behind your existing windows. All you need is a sound-insulated window treatment to soundproof your windows today.

A quality sound-insulated window treatment

like Magnetseal Soundproofing Window Kit is 100% customizable. You can customize it in terms of size, shape, and color, so it blends in perfectly with your old windows. Adding extra sheets of glass will never make opening or closing the windows hard to do. In fact, blinds work well with soundproofing windows. Further, Magnetseal Soundproofing Window Kit is simple to clean and removable, letting you clean your existing windows with ease.

Can Sound-Insulated Windows Cut Utility Bills?

Yes, they can do that since the extra glass pane and air pocket enhance your home’s insulation. Therefore, your house stays cool in summer and warm in winter. Also, a sound-insulating window treatment eliminates drafts and reduces energy use by 30-50%.

Soundproofing Benefits

Installing sound-insulated windows will let you enjoy the following:

Noise Reduction

Soundproofing your old windows is an effective way of protecting your home’s interior from the irritating noise outside. Sound-insulated windows will keep you feeling good while at home each day. No more sleepless nights as well if you soundproof your windows now.

Easy Installation

Your new sound-insulated windows will last forever because they don’t require replacement. Sound-insulated windows are easy to install behind your old windows. Therefore, you don’t need to remodel your home just to get rid of the loud outdoor noise.

Energy Efficiency

Sound-insulated windows lessen the insulation values by adding one more barrier, which limits the air flow. So, you’ll pay less for your electricity every month.

Reduce or Stop Condensation for Good

Condensation is a tricky window issue which you can eliminate by soundproofing. Noise-reducing windows decrease condensation significantly. In other cases, these windows can stop condensation for good. Sound-insulated windows have a closed air gap between the glasses like the insulated cup. It results in decreased condensation.

Other Benefits of Soundproofing Your Windows

Sound-insulated windows will also prevent pollen, dust and other allergy-causing substances from entering your home. Therefore, they make your home and even your office healthier and safer for everyone. Treatments used in sound-insulated windows will protect you from certain diseases like skin cancer and allergies.

Sound-insulated windows act like internal storm windows.

They provide improved safety from natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and strong winds. The laminated glass in them is 100% shatter-proof that shields your home’s interior from a storm and damaged glass.

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Besides, noise-reducing windows can eliminate 99% of the damaging UV rays. So, they protect your furniture, drapes, and artwork from fading and discoloration. For hotels and other commercial establishments where a presentable appearance is important, the elimination of dangerous UV rays is a big advantage.

Even with such benefits, it’s important to learn the cost of both soundproof and regular windows. Regular windows cost somewhere between 450 and 600 US dollars. However, the prices of sound-insulated windows range from 500 to 1,500 US dollars. While it’s extremely expensive to invest in soundproof windows, their benefits let you get the best value for your money. Therefore, installing them is a great home improvement idea.

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