Tips On How To Get Rid Of Mold – Mold Killer

Black mold in the corner of room wall. Preparation for mold removal.

Even if you clean your home regularly, it is still possible for your tiles and walls to develop mold. Some environmental factors that promote the growth of mold – flood or constant heavy rains are not always within your control. Mold and mildew are not only unpleasant; they promote sinus infections, skin irritation, allergies, and other … Read more

Proper Home Ventilation, fan direction for summer and winter

fan direction for summer

Read below to know the proper fan direction for summer and winter and how to survive in spite of humidity and indoor pollution. Ceiling Fan Direction During Summer The air direction of your ceiling fan during summer should be forward or downward. The forward direction in most ceiling fans means that the blades must rotate counterclockwise, … Read more

Understanding the Foundation Inspection Process

Foundation Inspection

Foundation InspectionThe foundation is a very important component of a house or any structure for that matter. Any signs of instability in the foundation is a major cause for concern, as it significantly compromises the safety of any property. This is why a foundation inspection is important, whether you own a house or you are considering … Read more

Cabinet Refacing For An Easier Way To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen your favorite area at home? Does it still make you excited to cook, bake, and explore your cooking abilities? If not, you can blame it on your old, scratchy, and greasy kitchen. Makes sense? Then this article is for you! You can transform your kitchen into a new and vibrant cooking spot again … Read more

What To Consider Before You Try for Your Wood Floors Refinishing

A room with hardwood floors being refinished.

Hardwood flooring adds elegance to any home. It gives that rustic and romantic ambiance people will love for generations. But, the years might be grueling for your wood floors. Hardwood flooring is subjected to wear and tear. The good news is, you need to restore your wood’s luster by refinishing it. But it takes more than … Read more