Estimating The Cost To Rewire A House

Electrical work is one of the most important works that can be done in many modern homes. Not only is power important for virtually all of life’s modern conveniences but a poorly wired house can lead to absolute catastrophe. Rewire a house only be done by certified professionals and because of the importance of that work it can be a bit on the expensive side. While the cost estimates will vary from place to place, taking these following five factors into consideration will help individuals to get an idea of what the cost of their job might be.

Size Of The House

Equipment and tools for installing electrical outlets and switches.Many times the cost to rewire a house will be in some ways directly related to the size of the house. The larger the house, the more materials and work that will be required. That means more hours, more tools, and those combined will mean a higher working bill. Generally speaking, a small four room one story house is going to be much easier to rewire than a three-story home with multiple bedrooms, attics, basements, or other issues to work through.

Quality Of The Original Wiring

The quality of the original electric wiring matters a lot when it comes to the cost. If someone who wasn’t certified did a bad job, a full re-wiring can take more work and time. There are also homes that started small but then the expansions were done and the wiring done is often questionable at best. There’s no question that the quality of the original wiring makes a huge difference when it comes to how difficult the upcoming re-wiring job will be.

Age Of The House

The older the house, the more likely old materials, old systems, and outdated technology was used. There are more likely to be issues that need to be taken care of for safety’s sake and that means a higher cost. On the other side, a relatively new modern house that was built recently and up to code should have less need of extensive rewiring which should make for a faster, easier, and cheaper job.

Location Of The House

Location matters. An electrician with no competition can set prices easier than one with all kinds of competition in an area. Town versus city often makes a major difference as well. Location, as always, plays a major part in the final electrician bill.

Specialty Work

Any home with specialty work will cost more. There are basic wiring jobs for a home that every house is going to have, there are also specialty jobs depending on what needs to be done. When it comes to specialty work, that is going to really add to the bottom line of a bill.

When it’s all said and done, figuring out the cost to rewire a house depends on the variety of factors we have gone over. While estimates are just that, and final bids need to come from a local certified electrician, anyone who takes into account these factors will get a solid idea of what type of estimate they can expect from a local professional.

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