Easy Residential Remodeling Tips On A Budget

Remodeling your home is one of the best things you can do to improve your living standards. Most people are skeptical about the idea of home remodeling thinking that it is a costly, time consuming, and labor intensive project.

Here’s the real deal; home improvement projects, indeed, takes time and effort. However, there are many ways to remodel your home and give it a totally new feel at a reasonable cost and within your specific time frame.

How? A little research and a whole lot of creativity can do wonders to your humble abode. Here are some practical residential remodeling tips that are easy on the budget – some are even Do-It-Yourself projects that can help you manage the cost effectively.


1.  Change the Color of Your Walls

The color of your walls defines the over-all feel and ambience of your home. Oftentimes, the right coat of paint on your walls can align everything within a room making it more pleasant and inviting.

Your choice of color for your walls would naturally be based upon your personal taste, the ambiance or “feel” that you want to achieve within a room, and the purpose of the room. It is often said that the colors found within your home also reflects your personality.

A new and fresh coat of paint in your home can create a pleasant atmosphere that can make a huge difference. Here are some suggested colors for your walls and their corresponding effects.

  • Yellow and Orange – symbolizes happiness, energy, and vibrancy. The brightness of the yellow and orange colors is also a great way to give your room an uplifting and welcoming vibe. It is ideal for common areas in your home such as the kitchen, bathroom, and hallways.
  • Blue – symbolizes serenity and calmness. It is a color scheme that stimulates relaxation and is said to lower down the heart rate and blood pressure. There are also different shades of blue that will suit particular preferences. Some would like the darker shade to create a classic and more intimate ambiance; while some would prefer the lighter shade which can make a room look brighter, cooler, and more airy. Blue is a great color for bedrooms and family rooms.
  • Red – intense, stimulating, and creates strong impressions. Red is not the ideal color for bedrooms because it is highly stimulating and tends to raise the heartbeat. However, it is a bolder choice of color for hallways, entry way, dining room, and living room. Its stimulating shade encourages communication and increases energy.
  • White, Beige, and Cream – pure, clean, and basic. These light and neutral shades are the most commonly used coat of paints because they are versatile, and blends well with almost anything. They can also make a room look bigger and brighter.
  • Green – refreshing and relaxing. It is also the color of comfort and peace. Green is ideal for any room in your home. It exudes positive energy, stimulates togetherness, and creates a happy and calm environment.
  • Purple – exudes class, sophistication, and elegance. You can choose the lighter shades to create walls that are easy on the eyes; or, darker shades for that royal touch. Purple is a nice color choice for bedrooms, formal dining room, family room, and living room. It creates a dramatic effect to a room and makes an excellent accent to a wall.

Repainting your walls fresh can be one of the best and most practical residential remodeling projects you could do to give your home a major make-over at minimal cost. Wall paints can redefine the rooms in your home and, with the right color combination, can also make great wall accents.

2.  Improve Your Lighting

Lights create a suitable home environment. For this reason, it makes sense to pay attention to your lighting at home.

Did you know that there are different types of lighting which are essential for every home?

  • Ambient Lights – provides general lighting and illumination. Basically, this is the kind of light that helps you move around the home and gets you from one point to another safely.
  • Task Lights – intended to illuminate a work place such as kitchen tops, office desks, and various work areas that need specialized lighting. Lampshades are one of the most common task lights used on tables and desks.
  • Accent Lights – used to highlight a specific area within the house to create a dramatic effect or draw attention to it. It is used mainly for decorative and design purposes. It is also used to highlight a painting, a corner of the home, a specialized area that holds a collection, or a landscape design.

Knowing these different types of basic lighting can guide you through your home remodeling.

Consider changing your ambient lighting, and add elements of task lights and accent lights on specific areas. For example, a lampshade can be used either as a task light or an accent light.

3.   Pay Attention to the Small Details like the Door Knobs, Hinges, and Handles

Do not underestimate the small details within your home such as the door knobs, hinges, and handles. Most of the times, you tend to overlook at these small but relevant details thinking that they are barely noticeable. What you do not know is that the little details in your home are just as important as anything else.

Think of it this way, whenever you dress up for an event, you complete your over-all look by wearing accessories that would complement your attire. Doing so spices up your outfit. The same goes for your home. The added shimmer and details brought about by door knobs, hinges, and handles can beautify the surroundings and add elegance. Furthermore, aside from making your home well-coordinated, investing on the perfect hardware enhances the functionality of your doors, windows, furniture, and other fixtures.

Door knobs and hinges that work smoothly are highly fundamental. Just the same, handles are also essential "home accessories" that can be considered as great finishing touches.

Changing your door knobs, hinges, and handles can significantly accessorize, and "dress up" your home. Modern and innovative designs are available to suit a variety of home designs, themes, and budget requirements.

4.   Invest on Quality Rugs to Decorate Your Floor

Add a touch of grandeur and luxury in your home by investing on quality rugs. Do you know that one of the best ways to make the rooms in your home well-coordinated is by dressing up the floor with appropriate rugs? These essential home accessories can be used in every part of your home that could use some improvement. Aside from protecting your floor, a rug can draw various furniture on a more defined space. This will make it easier for you to manage space within your home and to create a visible line that would separate one part from another.

Rugs come in a variety of designs, textures, shapes, and sizes. You are free to choose the right one that will pull the over-all look of your room together. Ideally, if you have plain and neutral walls, a patterned rug can accentuate the floor. For bedrooms that deserve a more relaxing and calming atmosphere, soft and fluffy monochrome rugs are excellent options.

5. Add Some Fresh Indoor Plants

Fresh plants can brighten up the room and make it more welcoming. They offer natural ways to transform your home and make it more visually appealing. Having some plants in your home can also reduce stress levels, lower down the tension, and contributes to a state of tranquility. Natural plants had also been proven to improve one's productivity and concentration.

This is perhaps one of the things that you should consider if you want to remodel your home - choosing a spot where you can incorporate natural plants. They make great home decorations and can make you feel closer to nature. This can also contribute to your well-being because studies prove that plants can naturally trap pollutants, reduce air dust, decrease carbon dioxide levels, and increase humidity.

These 5 tips are all practical and inexpensive ways for residential remodeling. Sometimes, adding small details can result to great changes.

Consider these helpful tips and discover fun and interesting ways to improve, remodel, and redefine your home without spending a fortune.

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