Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw Review

I love doing DIY projects.

I constructed almost half of the furniture in my house: cabinets, chairs, my Adirondack, my trellis and sideboard.

All these projects are easy to do, using one of the primary power tools I have at home. My dependable Bosch table saw.

I have been using my Bosch table saw for some years now, but they recently came out with a new model.

I thought it would be nice to upgrade my old table saw with their latest model, the Bosch 4100-10 Table saw.


The Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw at a glance

First, let us look at what the Bosch 4100-10 Table saw has to offer.

Product: Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw

Brand: Bosch

Product Features:

  • Standard equipment includes:
  • A square lock rip fence
  • A miter gauge
  • A throat plate insert
  • A push stick
  • Anadjustment wrench
  • A Multi-function blade wrench
  • A barrier device and anti-kickback pawls, 
  • A carbide steel blade
  • With Gravity-rise wheel stand
  • 25 in. rip capacity
  • Works with vacuum hoses and dust bag
  • Large aluminum cast top
  • Portable
  • Has an arbor lock
  • Has soft-start circuitry

Product Specifications:

  • Amperage at 15 amp
  • Arbor is 5/8”
  • Bevel angle range of -2◦ to 47◦
  • Weight of saw and standard equipment (no stand) is 63 lbs.
  • Weight of saw and standard equipment with stand is 92 lbs.
  • Width is 32 inches
  • Table top dimension is 29” x 21.5”
  • Voltage of 120V
Bosch Table saw feature

What I like about it

The features of the new model look good on paper, and even more so when I used it.

Let me share with you the experience of using this new model. Here are the things I liked about it.

  • The 10 in. table saw that delivers the power of 3.650 RPM and 4.0 max HP for cross-cutting and rip-cutting of rough and fine wood
  • The 25 in. rip capacity that can rip 4x4 wide wood sheets in half
  • Gives additional workspace with the large aluminum cast top
  • Helps avoid circuit breaker tripping with its soft-start circuitry
  • Portability with its Gravity-Rise Wheelstand. It extends jobsite mobility and the stand folds for easy carry and storage.
  • The square lock rip fence allows enhanced clamping.
  • The smart guard system feature improves safety.
  • The arbor lock and blade wrench allow easy switching of blades.
  • Deep dust collector keeps sawdust and wood shavings less cumbersome.
4100-10 Table saw

What I don’t like about it

Every product has its strength and weaknesses and this model is no different.

The table saw would have been perfect if not for the following:

  • Bosch table saw cord is short at just 6-feet long. This limits the areas of the job site.
  • Adjusting rip shield is a bit tough and may take patience and time.
  • Seems to have a weak rolling stand base, and it has the potential to break due to weight pressure.

Table saw showdown

If you really want to see how Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw measures up, let us compare it with a similar product of a different brand.

Table saw showdown

Bosch 4100-10 Jobsite Table Saw


  • Designed with a durable aluminum cast top. The top quality aluminum cast table gives firm support on the blade with a tabletop that will endure any pressure.
  • Large working area. The table top measures 29” x 21.5” giving you sufficient area for your sawing jobs.
  • Portable and easy to carry. The combined use of a built-in sub-base and gravity-rise wheel stand allows for high mobility and saving you unnecessary trouble of lugging a 60-lb table saw. You can move around one job site to another without trouble.
  • The Bosch table saw is a storage saver. Compact and collapsible table stand will not require you to set up an additional workspace. You can easily load it on your truck without taking too much space.
  • The built-in “constant response circuitry” and “soft-start circuitry” gives it a smooth and silent operation. It helps you control the under load speed and reduces the possibility of short circuit.


  • It emits an annoying metallic sound that can affect your productivity.
  • It has a short cord that can limit mobility. While you can easily maneuver the table saw, there is a limit as to how far you can go in the job site because of the cord.
  • The table stand does not look durable and sturdy enough to withstand added weight and pressure.

Dewalt 10-inch Portable Table Saw with Stand (DWE7480XA)


  • Its weight at only 48 lbs. (Without the stand), compact form and folding legs, support its claim as a portable table saw.
  • It includes a guard system that minimizes the risk of injury, giving you peace of mind especially if you are a beginner.
  • It has a pinion and rack-telescoping fence rails to make fast, accurate and smooth fence adjustment.
  • Minimizes cleanup of the work area with its dust port vacuum.
  • Has a 24-inch rip capacity that can cut a variety of large wood.
  • Adjustable blades from 0-45 degrees for bevels
  • 15 amperes and 4800 rpm motor speed that can rip through hardwood quickly.


  • A bit expensive to purchase.
  • Does not include the usual accessories included in other Dewalt Table Saw models
  • Smaller workspace with the only dimension of 26.5" x 25.8" x 17.5"
Table saw needed

Is this the right table saw for you?

So, you may wonder which one is the right table saw for me.

Before you buy, you need to take into consideration these four steps:

  1. Ask yourself how you plan and where you plan to use it. 
    Are you into woodworking? Are you a DIY hobbyist or are you a professional woodworker?
    Do you want to use the saw to rip large sizes of boards or use it to make furniture with bevels?
  2. Next is to consider your space.
    Do you have a large working area?
    Do you have a workshop or just planning to use a garage? Where do you plan to store your table saw?
    Do you want one that will allow you freedom of mobility?
  3. Choose which category of table saw best fits your need.
    You can choose from three categories of a table saw that would best answer your questions in steps 1 and 2.
  • Portable Saw. This is the smallest and lightest type of saw. It is portable, mobile and easy to store. A favorite among beginners and DIY woodworkers who have limited space because you can operate it anywhere, and it does not consume too much electricity.
  • Contractor Table Saw. It has a more spacious table, heavier and bigger than the portable saw. It requires a large space for storage but it can do all cutting jobs. It is very popular among DIYers and beginners with workshops and large spaces, and are planning to go into serious woodworking.
  • Cabinet Saw. This type is for the serious DIY woodworkers. A very powerful and accurate saw that requires a huge amount of space because it is not mobile. It also has a higher amperage and voltage; it is advisable to check if your location can handle the requirement.

4. What features are important to you?

The last thing you need to consider is the features. What is your priority in choosing your table saw?

Here are a few things you might keep in mind:

  • Safety. If you are beginner, safety is an important feature to consider. Most table saws have safety guard systems that can help minimize the risk of injury.
  • Price is another factor to consider. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider a cheaper brand and model.
  • Bevel capability. If you plan to do woodworking projects and not just cut wooden boards, you need to check the bevel capability of your table saw; otherwise, you might find it hard to make angle cuts.
  • Blades. Depending on how you plan to use your table saw, there is a huge possibility that you would be switching blades. You might want to make this easy by having a table saw that allows you to switch blades fast.

Wrapping up

The table saw is the most basic tool in carpentry and woodworking.

You cannot start anything without it.

It is important to check the product first before you make a purchase. A wrong decision can affect your productivity and raise your costs.

If you are a beginner about to purchase your first table saw or planning to upgrade and switch to a new table saw, Bosch Table Saw is a good product to consider.

Its mobility, safety, and power make it a perfect companion in your DIY woodworking projects.

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