The Best Tile Saw That You Would Ever Need

Have you ever tried cutting tiles with your bare hands? Well, that’s a little absurd. How about, have attempted cutting tiles with a handheld manual saw? If you broke your tile saw and you only need to cut that last piece, maybe you have tried improvising! If only you had the best tile saw, you wouldn’t have a hard time, right?

Tiling is a difficult job. Many people don’t realize that what they step on is not just tiled surface, but a fruit of a delicate craft. It involves careful measurement and precise cutting to make sure that every piece fits perfectly. Laying adhesive and curing takes a long and meticulous process too!

Cutting tiles take a lot of time even for a skilled tiler. Having the right tools, on the other hand, can make things a lot easier. I know how much time and effort it takes to cut huge pieces of granite, ceramic, and porcelain! Don’t you just hate them? But, dang! They look so nice and pretty when laid on the floor!

To help you with your trade here’s a list of the best tile saw that. 

Best Tile Saw 2019

Now, to help you select the best tile saw, let’s take a deeper look at these ten tile saws.

1. SKIL 3550-02

Skil is a world-renowned manufacturer of power tools that had been established in 1924. They are one of the companies that revolutionized tools that drastically improved work efficiency. Since their establishment, they continued innovating their power tools to adapt and give their clients value for every purchase.

SKIL 3550-02

Product Features

This 7-inch tile saw is small enough to be mounted on a table. It has a sturdy red base topped with durable aluminum. The saw is positioned under the table, and the blade is covered with a shield to contain overspray. The HydroLock® system lubricates and cools the blade efficiently without causing overspray. The top shield covers the blade while cutting for easier clean up when done.

This small tabletop tile saw has an extendable arm that allows you to cut tiles up to 18 inches by 18 inches ins size. It comes with a miter gauge that lets you cut your tiles in perfect angles. The right-hand side of the cutting table can be tilted at 22.5 and 45 degrees that lets you get perfect bevel cuts. With 3600rpm, you will be able to cut through hard tiles without much trouble.

With a wet tile saw, you can cut your tiles in the same room you are tiling. This eliminates the need to go to a separate room to cut your tiles. This means that you will be more efficient and will finish ahead of schedule!

Things We Liked

•    This tabletop tile saw is portable and can be easily moved around.

•    The 7-inch blade will be able to cut through granite, porcelain, and ceramic tiles.

•    This tabletop wet tile saw employs HydroLock® system that seals water inside the device and minimizing overspray.

•    It comes with a miter gauge for precise angled cuts.

•    The sliding extension allows you to cut up to 18x18 inch tiles.

•    The right-hand side of the table tilts and allows you to do 22.5 and 45 degrees bevel cuts.

Things We Didn’t Like

• If you are working with tiles larger than 18x18, this device won’t be able to accommodate it.
• This tile cutter does not work as fast as higher RPM tile saws.

2. Chicago Pneumatic 10" Industrial Tile/Brick Saw

Chicago Pneumatic is more than a century old in the industry of pneumatic tools, compressors, generators, power tools, hydraulic equipment and many others. They started out as a construction tools company and became a leading authority in the industry. Today, they are one of the most respected brands of hydraulic, pneumatic, and power tools in the market.

Product Features

This tile saw is an industrial grade power tool that would make your job a ton easier. It’s 35inches in length and 24 inches wide. This saw has a gross weight of 70lbs and can be on a table for easy operation. This product has 2.5 horsepower and a maximum of 3800rpm without load. It has a state-of-the-art dual capacitor motor with overload and thermal protection to preserve the health of your device. It’s fitted with sealed bearings that are proven to have a longer life.

This wet saw has a water reservoir beneath and a water pump that lubricates the blade and catches the splash. However, it doesn’t come with a blade, and you would have to buy it separately. For convenient usage, the company also offers a wheeled stand for an upgrade.

This saw can cut bricks up to 3.5 inches thick. You can stack your tiles and cut them simultaneously faster work turnaround. The head can pivot to 22.5 and 45 degrees for smooth bevel cuts. It comes with a  miter gauge which allows you to get precise angled tile cuts. This wet tile saw can accommodate tiles up to 24 inches by 24 inches in size.

Things We Liked

•    This tile saw has a 2.5 horsepower industrial grade engine.

•    It has a maximum of 3800rpm.

•    This saw can cut up to 24x24 inch tiles.

•    The motor of this saw has a thermal and overload protection.

•    The head of this tool can be tilted to 22.5 and 45 degrees for bevel cuts.

•    It comes with a water pump to lubricate the blade.

•    This saw can cut a stack of tiles or bricks up to 3.5 inches in thickness.

•    You can do plunge cuts with this tile saw.

Things We Didn’t Like

• This product does not come with a blade.
• This tile saw weighs 70lbs and does not come with a stand.
• A wheeled stand is sold separately.

3. DeWalt DWC860W Wet/Dry Saw

DeWalt is a company that is just six years shy of a century. In 1922, Raymond DeWalt wanted to increase woodworking productivity and invented a powered table saw. This revolutionized the industry, and many constructions company followed their lead. Today, DeWalt has maintained one of the top spots in the market as the leading brand in power tools.

Product Features

This handy tile saw has a 4 3/8 diamond blade that can be used in many applications. It only weighs 6.6lbs that would not cause you fatigue with long usage. This saw can cut a depth of 1 3/8inch deep on wet or dry materials. The depth of cut is adjustable to make sure you are cutting the right amount of depth. This handheld saw can be fixed at a 45-degree angle to give you bevel cuts.

It has a maximum RPM of 13000 that is perfect for wood and masonry applications. This product comes with a 12ft water line for wet grinding. The handles are fitted with ergonomic grip for easier and more comfortable usage.

Things We Liked

•    This handheld tile saw is portable.

•    This saw can be used in wet or dry applications.

•    It comes with a 12ft water line that lubricates the blade for masonry applications.

•    The handle grips ergonomically fit the palm of your hands.

Things We Didn’t Like

• This saw does not have a table mount and can the vibrations can be tiring.
• Since it’s a handheld wet saw, the splash would be everywhere.

4. SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

While other power tool companies are designing every possible power tool, Skil has specialized in circular power saws. This enabled them to have extensive experience and become one of the best in the field of circular saws. Skil is one of the most trusted brands in circular wet or dry saws.

Product Features

Skil’s 7” wet saw is a compact tile saw that would not require huge space to operate. It’s just 2 inches over a foot in length and thirteen and a quarter inch wide. This saw can cut up to 12x12 inch tiles with up to 1 and 3/8 inch in thickness. This saw comes with a fence on one side for a precise cut for each and every tile.

This product comes with a miter gauge that lets you cut 7.5inch tiles diagonally. The tabletop can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees for bevel cuts. The blade is submerged in a manually-refillable water reservoir to keep the blade cool and collect dust. It’s fitted with a blade guard to prevent water from over spraying all over the place.

The tabletop saw has a 4.2amp configuration and 3600rpm without load.

Things We Liked

• This tabletop saw is perfect for tiles no larger than 12x12 inch.
• It has a sturdy base and would not be easily tipped off while you are working with it.
• The table top can be tilted for beveled cuts.
• This product comes with a 7.5-inch blade and a miter gauge.
• The reservoir keeps the blade cool and minimizes dust.

Things We Didn’t Like

• Although it has a blade cover to prevent over spraying, this saw can still make a mess.
• You have to refill the reservoir for every tile you cut.
• This tile saw would not be able to cut tiles more than a square foot in size.

5. QEP 22650Q 650XT Tile Saw

QEP started out with some do it yourself bathtub edging kit in 1979. In 1981, a huge home improvement chain happened to like their product and have it on display. For the coming years, they have become a leading maker of tile and other plumbing related tools that many people have found useful. They are widely established in the US and can be found in every country.

Product Features

This tabletop wet saw is fitted with a 7inch blade that has ¾ HP of power. It drives the blade at 3600RPM without a load and can cut through porcelain, granite, ceramic, marble, and stone. The table and frame are made of steel for maximum durability and fitted with rubber foot pads for stability.

This device is 20inches long and 15 inches wide. It takes some space in your workplace. However, it is much powerful than smaller tile cutter units.  The cutting table can be extended on either side to accommodate large pieces of tiles that would not normally fit with smaller tables. You can cut any size of tile with this saw. In doing so, you have to be very careful in your measurement as the extended platform does not have graduated markings.

It also comes with a miter gauge to facilitate cutting your tiles diagonally. The righthand side of the table can be tilted to 22.5 and 45 degrees for bevel cuts. The blade has a guard on top of it to minimize water spray.

Things We Liked

•    This product has ¾ horsepower and rotates at 3600 revolutions per minute without load.

•    It can cut through porcelain, granite, ceramic, marble, and stone.

•    This tabletop and base are made of durable steel material.

•    The table can be extended on the left hand and right-hand side.

•    This saw comes with miter gauge and can cut a bevel on edges.

Things We Didn’t Like

• The extended side has no graduated markings.
• Can get a little messy when filled with too much water.

6. DeWalt D24000 1.5-Horsepower Wet Tile Saw

DeWalt understands the varying needs of people for different applications and has designed different tools for every user and every occasion. Small DIY projects would only need smaller machines while industrial-grade projects would break those tiny machines! DeWalt also has big machines for big applications.

Product Features

DeWalt’s D2400 has a 1.5 horsepower motor that would cut through thick and hard granite, marble, porcelain, stone, and ceramic tiles. This machine can reach 4200RPM without load. It has a gross weight of 69lbs and is still easy enough to be set up by a single person.

This wet tile saw is designed with two water nozzles that lubricates and cools the blade without spraying too much mist around your workplace. It comes with rear and side trays to catch mist and keep your workspace clean. A stand that can accommodate its weight comes with every package, so you don’t need to buy a separate platform. For angled cuts and accurate measurement, DeWalt included miter gauge graduated fence.

It can accommodate 24x24 inch tiles at maximum and can cut 18-inch tiles diagonally. This tile saw can do plunge cuts and punch rectangular holes in your tiles without a problem. The head can also be tilted for bevel cuts.

Things We Liked

• It comes with a stand and 10inch blade.
• This machine can do plunge cuts.
• The head of this saw can be tilted to perform bevel cuts.
• This tile saw features dual-nozzle water delivery to minimize mist while you are cutting.
• It comes with rear and side trays that can be attached to catch overspray.

Things We Didn’t Like

• Although they DeWalt advertises that this can be set up by one person, it would still be safe to have someone help you set up a 69lb power tool.
• The price climbs as the power of the machine increases.

7. MK-370EXP Wet Cutting Tile Saw

MK Diamond is a small family owned and managed business that started in 1868. Joseph Musto, a stone mason, and tiler infused his ancestor’s craft with modern technology and designed power tools that would speed up labor. In 1949, Musto-Keenan gained popularity for their outstanding diamond cutting tools.

Product Features

MK Diamond describes 370EXP as a lightweight wet tile cutter that you can setup and pack-up without help. This 33lb cutter has 1.25 horsepower with a 7inch blade. The motor can be driven up to 6000RPM without a load.  The high torque motor is maintenance free and features a self-lubricating gear-box that requires less frequent preventive maintenance servicing.

This device can cut up to 18” tiles with ease. It will have no problem cutting 13inch tiles diagonally with its built-in miter gauge. The water-pump efficiently drizzles water over the blade to keep it lubricated and eliminate dust while cutting tiles. The head of this machine can be tilted to make bevel cuts. Also, the adjustable head can make plunge cuts.

This wet tile saw features MK-Safeswitch™ that would not allow the machine to operate when the key is not in place. It comes with a 7-inch blade and standard accessories. It comes with a folding stand so you would not need to purchase a separate platform.

Things We Liked

•    This product is manufactured by a company that has existed more than a century in the industry.

•    It comes with a folding stand platform.

•    This wet tile saw is lightweight and can be easily set-up by a single person.

•    This saw has a high-power rating and maximum RPM.

•    You can do plunge cuts with this machine.

Things We Didn’t Like

• This machine is expensive.
• It does not come with rear and side trays to catch overspray.

8. MK-170 7-Inch Bench Wet Tile Saw

Aside from high powered power tools, MK Diamond also manufactures tools that fit small and seasonal projects. They understand that not all people are professional tilers and some would only need a tool perfect for smaller applications.

Product Features

This model only has a 7inch blade. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t capable of finishing jobs with quality results. MK-170 has one-third horsepower that can drive the blade spinning up to 5500 revolutions per minute without load. Although the body is not made of steel, MK Diamond chose impact-resistant thermoplastic that drove the price down but not the durability.

This machine only weighs 15lbs and can be easily set up on your own. It comes with a submersible water pump that distributes water evenly on the front and back end of the blade to lubricate the tile being cut and keep the blade cool at the same time.

Unfortunately, this device does not come with a miter gauge. The table top doesn’t tilt to help you with bevel cuts. This machine head, also, is not designed to make plunge cuts.

Things We Liked

• This device has a low price for MK Diamond quality.
• It only weighs 15lbs and can be set up by one person.
• This portable device has 1/3 horsepower and a maximum of 5500RPM.
• It comes with a 7-inch diamond cutting blade.

Things We Didn’t Like

• This machine does not come with a miter gauge for diagonal tile cutting.
• This device does not feature a plunging head for plunge cuts.

9. Porter-Cable PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

Porter-Cable is a machine shop established in 1906. They started out manufacturing, believe it or not, pencil sharpeners. Along with the pencil sharpener, they initially made tire pumps and gas lamps. Their first revolutionary power tool is the belt sander. This took sanding to a different level and dramatically improved work pace. Today, they manufacture a huge range of power tools geared towards making construction projects easier.

Product Features

The most notable thing about this product is its battery operation. Porter-Cable has been integrating battery power to most of their tools to make them mobile and always on the go. This battery-operated machine has one horsepower and has a maximum of 2850RPM.

For a 21-inch long wet tile cutter that has one horsepower, it’s quite amazing that it can be operated by battery power. This would eliminate cord problems and enables you to bring your machine to remote places and areas where there is limited access to wall sockets.

It can rip up to 17.5x17.5 inch tiles and diagonally cut 12x12 inch tiles. The blade has a splash guard and does a great job preventing splash. Half of the table is affixed on a stainless rail that moves along while you push the tiles to the saw.

It’s fitted with a drain plug for easy evacuation of murky water. This device only weighs 28lbs and can be easily setup without a wall socket near you!

Things We Liked

• This product is battery operated.
• Porter-Cable made sure that it weighs just enough to portable.
• This device can cut tiles up to 17.5x17.5 inches.
• The drain plug facilitates easy cleanup.
• This machine packs one horsepower for a battery-operated unit.

Things We Didn’t Like

• For uninterrupted work, a spare battery is necessary.
• Doesn’t make bevel cuts and plunge cuts.

10. QEP 60020SQ 24-Inch Dual Speed Tile Saw

With QEP’s success in the market, they are able to design and redefine what already works and build improvements over them. From bathroom DIY tiling and other plumbing tools, they also have heavy duty wet tile saws for industrial and heavy applications.

Product Features

60020SQ is a 24 inch long wet tile saw that has two horsepower and dual speed setting. The dual speed setting makes sure that you would have a precise cut every time and minimize the likelihood of breaking your tiles while you work.

It comes with a 10-inch blade that would cut through anything without a problem. It can accommodate and rip 24x24 inch tiles and easily cut up to 14x14 inch tiles diagonally with a miter gauge that comes with it. It employs a dual spray system that minimizes overspray and keeps the work area clean.

This machine has a tilting platform that lets you perform bevel cuts too. It comes with a durable folding stand with the package so you wouldn’t have to buy it separately. The gross weight of this wet tile saw is 116lbs including the stand.

Things We Liked

• This machine has 2horsepower and dual speed setting for different applications.
• The dual nozzle minimizes overspray in your workplace.
• The table runs on a rail for smooth operation while you push the tile against the saw.
• The table platform can be tilted to make bevel cuts.
• This machine is durable.

Things We Didn’t Like

• This machine cannot perform plunge cuts.
• This tile saw should be set up by two persons.
• It takes a large space in your work area.

How to Select Your Tile Saw

So, there you have the 10 of the best tile saw that the market offers today. Depending on your purpose, there’s a right tile saw for you. Big and expensive is not always the best choice even if budget is not a constraint.

For hobbyists and weekend artisans, a 2horsepower tile saw may be too much! Now, to help you choose which one is the best tile saw for you, here are some tips on how you can select what is for you.

•    Blade Diameter

The diameter of the blade determines how much cutting-edge the tile gets for every rotation. A larger blade would mean that you will be doing work faster. However, your machine should have enough power to drive the size of the blade you have.

•    Tabletop Size

Before you make a purchase, make sure that you have already projected the size of tiles that you will be working with. Larger tiles would require, of course, a larger table that can accommodate your materials.

•    Intricacy

Another factor you should consider is the intricacy of your project. If you need diagonal cuts or bevel cuts, there are models that have tilting heads or tilting tables to accommodate bevels. Most units come with a miter gauge that helps you accurately perform diagonal cuts.

•    Plunge Cuts

Another important thing that you should consider plunge cuts. If you will be tiling walls, you would have to make holes for wall sockets to fit in. A plunging saw would make it easy for you to make this type of cut. However, this feature is commonly available to larger industrial grade machines.


Choosing the right type of tile saw for your project will help you maximize the device you will be purchasing. If you only have a small bathroom or kitchen project that would not require 24x24inch tiles, a 10inch blade with two horsepower may be a bit too much.

It may not be practical to get an overly expensive device for just a few tiles. The smaller units may be enough for such. But, if you would be using it often, the smaller machines may not be able to keep up with your work pace and cause you some delay!

So, before getting a tile saw, consider the extent of your project and how often you would be using it.


If you are planning on buying a tile saw that you would use for your profession, a heavy-duty industrial tile saw would be a good investment in the long run. Chicago Pneumatic’s 2.5 Horsepower 10" Industrial Tile/Brick Saw would serve you well. It has 2.5 horsepower and has a maximum of 3800rpm.

It can accommodate large tiles up to 24x24 inches and can do diagonal cuts with the miter gauge that it comes with. The motor has a thermal and overload protection to make sure that the machine prevents serious damage on itself. The head of this saw can be tilted to 22.5 and 45 degrees for precise bevel cuts. Also, you can do plunge cuts and make wall socket holes in your tiles without a problem.

The only unfortunate thing about this machine is that you would need to buy the blade and stand separately.

Now, if you would only be using a tile saw for a few times, Porter-Cable’s PCE980 would be the most convenient choice! Aside from the portability of the unit itself, it operates on battery so you wouldn’t have to worry about tangled cords.

You can bring it anywhere, and you won’t need a wall socket as long as you got your battery fully charged. If you aren't doing bevel cuts, this will be just perfect for DIY applications.

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